Dane Golden

Dane Golden - YouTube Consultant
Hi! I’m Dane Golden, a YouTube Consultant and YouTube Ad Strategist.

I specialize in helping businesses get more leads and customers using YouTube. My services are somewhat unique, in that as both a YouTube Consultant and YouTube Ad Strategist, I can help you with both paid YouTube ads and channel growth strategies. Most consultants only do one or the other. For more about me, see my LinkedIn page.

I have helped YouTube channels for top SaaS platforms, tech media, coaches and courses, automative, top podcasts, women’s clothing, design, cameras, mortgage, real estate, national non-profits, music and more.

We find that before starting on a long-term project, most clients want to get some quick questions answered, so we offer this calendar as a way to book an hourly call paid call with me. To do so, select a time that works for you below.

YouTube Consultant