YouTube Channel Coordinator – Entertainment or Content Company, On-site, Entry Level – Job Description Template


You will help support our diverse portfolio of YouTube channels and play a crucial role in ensuring our videos live their best possible lives during the entire distribution life-cycle. In general, this position entails:

  • Working across several different YouTube channels.
  • Uploading.
  • Optimization.
  • Community interaction.
  • Pulling data.
  • Work closely with our Senior Strategists.
  • Ensure best practices and growth strategies are being incorporated successfully into our channels’ distribution.


Video Uploads:

  • Make sure videos are in the right specs.
  • Ensure all settings are correct.
  • Enable Content ID.
  • Watch down every second of content to ensure no errors happen during export or upload.
  • Optimize content with relevant tags and keywords.
  • Ensure all links are in the description and are functional.
  • Place end screens and cards.
  • Make sure thumbnails are showing up correctly and no essential bits of information are blocked by on-screen elements.
  • Read and correct captions for errors.

Community Management:

  • Answer comments in real-time for the first hour after channel uploads to encourage superfan engagement.
  • On a daily basis, ensure 75% of comments across all three channels are replied to or receive a heart.
  • Work with channel producers to develop a show “voice” to represent the channel in comment replies.

Community Tab/Stories:

  • Ideate, create, and post 2 community tab posts per channel per week.
  • Ideate, create, and post 1 story (multiple posts in one) per channel per week.
  • Analyze the performance of posts and pull occasional insights to better optimize content.
  • Screenshot story performance before post expires.

Channel Maintenance

  • Update channel pages: ensure new content is being promoted, update trailers, playlists, header art, etc. when necessary.
  • Update end screens on old videos to drive to newer content.
  • Update playlists, ensure newly uploaded videos are added to their designated playlists.
  • Create 2-3 new playlists each month.

Data Pulls:

  • Pull channel-level and video-level data monthly for the Senior Strategists to review.
  • Assist the Senior Strategists with data pulling for deep dives across the network (3-4 hours per week).

Other Duties:

  • Work with the Senior Strategists to set up A/B testing, gather assets from producers, and monitor testing campaigns.
  • Manage Content ID claims.
  • Help maintain data storage systems.
  • Assist with other processes/organizational projects to ensure the smooth operations of the YouTube Strategy department.


  • A college degree or equivalent experience.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Good writing skills.
  • A love of YouTube.
  • Attention to detail.
  • A love of checklists and process.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to prioritize projects.
  • Strong grasp of Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Knowledge of conditional formatting, if statements, vlookups, pivot tables, and graph creation (preferred but not required).
  • Previous experience with YouTube Analytics and content creation, such as IG Stories and YouTube Community posts (preferred but not required).
YouTube Consultant
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