YouTube Topic Researcher – Large YouTube Creator, Part-Time, Remote – Job Description Example


  • We are looking for an ideation person with strong research skills to help us produce content in our space.
  • NOTE: We are NOT looking for a Blogger. If you are in our field and love to talk about it, and have a million ideas, this is perfect for you! This could also be your side hustle.
  • We produce content on our YouTube channel that is focused around our industry. We are also planning to expand and have some cool projects coming up!

Content Style:

Our videos are educational with a how-to style. This means that if we are doing a tutorial on “how to change your xyz”, the script will have a teaching component of WHY we are doing this and WHAT it does. Then, we will cover HOW TO change it, which is a step-by-step demo of what to click and where.


  • You will need to bring 3 or 4 ideas to each content strategy Zoom call. Don’t worry, we will build up to that as we train you on what to look out for and how to research.
  • We will have a Zoom call to discuss the next few videos.
  • On that call, we come up with the idea or angle for the video, and a rough title which will be the prompt to begin your research eg: “10 features of xyz” or “The XYZ setting you need to know about.”
  • You will then research the topic and write an overview outline of the video and an ordered list of main items to include in the video.
  • Your main mission isn’t to write a script. Your mission is to be super-excited about some ideas that we could make videos about.


  • Must LOVE our kind of content.
  • Must be fluent in English.


  • Hours: Flexible – we don’t do “time sheets” – so as long as it gets done based on the deadlines we set together, we are cool.
  • Where: Remote position. But you must be able to do Zoom calls during our working hours.

Application Process:

  • Answer the questions below and submit the application. If we see that you could be a great fit, you will receive an email from me and will move onto a ZOOM interview.
  • For some interviewees, we will then do a test trial project, for which you are paid.

Application Questions: 

  • Full name:
  • Email address:
  • Where are you located? (City and country):
  • Your social media handles:
  • Have you done this before?
  • Where can we see your work? (please list a couple of URLs)
  • Have you worked in our space before as a writer/ researcher/ producer?
  • What are you most excited about in our space these days and why?
    (Write as much as you like on this.)
  • On what basis would you prefer to work? Per-hour or per-video basis? (all are REMOTE).
  • Based on your answer above, (per video or per hour) what is your salary expectation? Please be specific and realistic. For instance, $25 per hour or $100 per video, as an example.
  • What makes you perfect for this position?
YouTube Consultant